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On the Wings of White Stork. NAISIAI COMMUNITY (Lt)

While nobody in the world takes care about protection of personal life of storks, one can enjoy live broadcasting online right from the nest!
This nest is in Naisiai – small village which only three years ago unexpectedly became bright symbol of the Lithuanian countryside. And white stork – national bird of Lithuania as well. But not only because of the storks nest Naisiai is famous. Telling about its community you cannot keep using the word “the only”. For instance, I am really not sure if there is in the world any other village, which became famous because of the … TV serial!
It’s already the 4th season of TV serial “Naisiu vasara” (Summer of Naisiai). All series were shot in real locations in Naisiai.
Telling the truth, probably only 600 its inhabitants and their relatives knew the name of Naisiai before – tiny settlement with one school, library and post office, situated very close to the fifth biggest Lithuanian town Siauliai.
Till the TV serial appeared on the screen. It was the smart idea of Naisiai born Lithuanian politic, businessman, agronomist and countryside enthusiast Ramunas Karbauskis, who participates creating the screenplay of TV serial as well. Now everybody recognizes the wings of white stork as the symbol of serial and the village as well.
And everybody looks for a way leading to Naisiai.
Of course, television served only as the first spark for the further development of Naisiai community. Now it boosts to have the only Nesting-Boxes Museum in the whole country,
unique Museum of Wooden Sculptures of the Baltic Gods and Goddesses,
Museum of Baltic Plants,
and 200,000 tourists per year! This shows for people of Naisiai, that community is on the right way and provides wonderful example for other communities. Connection to the Baltic nature strongly attracts tourists – some of them come to Naisiai to give wedding vows according to the ancient Baltic traditions. Culture is not strange for the countrymen – every Friday they attend musical evenings, or local theatre. All the excursions for the incoming tourists are also arranged by volunteers from Naisiai for free. But the most important thing is that Naisiai not only follows social values, but rather dictates them. Every July Naisiai Summer Festival takes place in the village and attracts families with children from whole Lithuania with rich music and sports program. “No alcohol” is the main rule of attending this event, just pure being with the families, enjoying the meaningful spare time together. Country in Lithuania as well as in other countries has faced the revaluation of values, met hard economical and social challenges. Consequently it almost lost its idyllic image. That is why example of Naisiai is so valuable. It is like second breath of the things, which are not lost yet and which could be successfully found in the village with the help of tourism – physical activity, healthy nutrition, hand work, being in nature, strong sense of belonging to community, cultural life… “We can find or create our own Naisiai everywhere, where morning starts with the cock’s crow, birds wash themselves with the drops of the dew, and cattle awaits for the first ray of light standing in the mist. Countryman is a child of nature, nature cleans his spirit, and evil in the countryside is condemned to be defeated. Naisiai is not only the festival or the serial, it is the acknowledgement that you love the countryside”, - believes the leader of Naisiai community R. Karbauskis.

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